We are still trying to figure out what the rules should be (remember, this is an experiment), but here are some of the ones we've thought of so far:

NEW: (added Feb 13, 2018)
  • New members and members who have fallen out of good standing are subject to a probationary period.

NEW: (added Feb 11, 2018)
  • Follow the guidelines in our membership agreement.
  • Maintain a space you're proud to show off. Because we are a new, semi-innovative community concept, we often attract attention from media or people on social media. Visitors may ask to capture photos or videos for their blog or instagram, or occasionally to feature us in major media outlets. While you can decline to be on camera or in interviews, we do ask you to be comfortable with this sort of activity going on around you, and aide in helping Buspatch look great to those who want to capture our story.
  • Commit to keeping Buspatch above board. We are proudly a completely legal entity. To our knowledge, we break no laws or bylaws in our operations, and we strive to stay that way. Get informed about what makes Buspatch's operations legal in our current city, and how to keep it that way.
  • Pay your membership fees. On time. We cannot float you if you are short.
  • Deal with your garbage. Don't leave garbage lying around to blow away or attract pests, inside or out. Don't leave cigarette butts out to blow around in the wind. We recycle cigarette butts. Learn which bins to sort which garbage/recycing items into, internalize, and enforce it. We pay for our waste, and improper waste management is costly.
  • Dishes. You don't always have to wash your own dishes, but as soon as you're done with a dish please scape it into the compost with a paper towel and put the dish into one of the dirty-dish bins.
  • Do a minimum of 5 maintenance tasks/week. We cannot function as a community without your participation.
  • Keep track of your expenses. Put them into Splitwise. Promptly. Having to sift through a backlog of receipts at the end of the month is not a valid reason for late payment of fees.
  • No pets. This is not a safe environment for pets, and we don't want any harm to befall your loved ones. We also have members with serious allergies. Please advise your human friends to not bring their non-human friends with you when they visit.
  • Participate in our communication channels. The success of this community depends on our members' abilities to communicate requests, issues, ideas, solutions, knowledge, etc. We have Slack channels everything from meal planning to member safety.
  • Conserve power. We run on a solar power system, which requires adapting your power usage habits to draw most of your power during daylight. Check out our power saving best practices.
  • Conserve water. We are not connected to running water or sewers. We bring all our water in and out, at great time, effort, and expense. Everyone who is a member here participates in water resource management tasks, which makes us appreciate the importance of water conservation. Here are our water conservation best practices.
  • Sexual Acceptance & Consent. As a close community, we have to be on the same page about sex, nudity, and consent. Please familiarize yourself with our sex, nudity & consent policies.
This list is by no means exhaustive.