Propane Saving Best Practices

Here's a growing list of ways to save propane.

Using less propane

For Shower Hot Water
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Cooking Rice on the propane stove
Lots of new members ask how to cook rice on a propane stove without a rice cooker (since we don't use electric appliances). The method is simple and efficient:
  • find a pot with a lid that fits correctly
  • put the rice and water into the pot, often the correct ratio is 1:2 (rice to water), but some rices are different
  • place the lid on the pot and DO NOT take the lid off again until the end (this is very important)
  • heat pot on HIGH until the water begins boiling (the lid will begin rattling which is how you'll know it's boiling)
  • turn heat down to LOW (as low as possible) and set a timer for 10 minutes
  • after 10 minutes, turn heat OFF and set a timing for 10 minutes
  • after the second 10 minutes, the rice is ready so you could eat it right away, however you can leave the lid on and the rice will be good for hours

Using Heaters in the Common Spaces (Bathroom & Living Room)
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Heating Personal Spaces
Buspatch does not pay for propane for heating personal spaces, though you are welcome to buy your own, label and store it in our flammables cage, and we encourage you to conserve propane using these practices (coming soon)