Membership Agreement (updated May 30, 2018)

Buspatch (760 Illinois, Inc) is a non-profit California Mutual Benefit Corporation established for the purpose of enabling individuals who dwell in vehicles, or wish to start doing so, to pool their funds and efforts towards common amenities and goals. Among the most predictably pursued such amenities are secure private property on which to park our vehicles, cooking and bathing facilities, internet access, trash and wastewater removal services, shared tools for further vehicle dwelling conversions, and shared grocery purchase and meal preparation, although this is not an exhaustive list.

As a member of Buspatch you will gain access to some or all of the shared amenities of the group in exchange for some amount of monthly membership fees, established by the organization and subject to change with 30 days notice. The “Membership Fee Guidelines” section gives an approximate breakdown of the construction of these fees for various levels of membership as of the last update of this document.

As a member of Buspatch, you are expected to fulfill certain obligations to the organization:

  • Pay your membership fees in a timely fashion (prior to the 1st of each calendar month, unless otherwise discussed and agreed).

  • Leave spaces and tools and other shared amenities better than you found them, or at least no worse.

  • Contribute to the smooth and safe continuing operation of the space(s) and amenities that the organization maintains and provides for its members. Do so by completing the requisite number of weekly maintenance tasks (“chores”), described at

  • Make some effort each month to improve the state of the amenities that you make use of, in ways that will positively affect yourself and the other members using those same amenitie, measured in project hours.

  • Maintain the security of our space(s) and belongings, through responsible stewardship of gate, door, and vehicle keys and access codes.

  • Remain engaged by participating in our shared communication channels (Slack, email) and tracking your group expenses (Splitwise).

Failure to fulfill these obligations is grounds for revocation of membership. For new members, and existing members who comitt lesser infractions, a probationary period is instated to help get members back on track. More on this at For serious infractions, including criminal acts not described above such as assault or theft, revocation may be immediate.

Member Pricing & Obligations Guidelines

Approximate guidelines for monthly membership obligations at Buspatch, based on amenities and access.

Our obligations are comprised of a combination of monthly fees and monthly contributions.

 On-site Dwelling MembersOff-site Dwelling MembersMakerspace Members 
Base membership fee $400/mo$300/mo$100/mo
Vehicles over 25ft+$50/mo+$50/mo---
Security Deposit(refundable) $400(refundable) $300(refundable) $100

Maintenance Tasks 5/wk3/wk4 tasks/mo OR 1 project hr
Project Hours 1/mo1/mo 4 tasks/mo OR 1 project hr
Buspatch-operated vehicles:    
Bunk in shared room$400/mo------
Private unit$500/mo------
Second person in private unite$400/mo------

Personal Storage 4ft cube  $25/mo$25/mo$25/mo
Personal Storage 17gal bin $5/mo$5/mo$5/mo
Overnight bicycle storage1 bike included
$20/mo per additional bike
$20/moday/visitor storage only

Membership Levels

Members who reside on-site call the Buspatch lot their full time home. Off-site members park locally and can come and go on our lot as they please to use our amenities (shower, water, kitchen, power, tools, optional groceries, etc).

Makerspace members park locally and can schedule driveway workspace access as needed, and use our amenities minus groceries.

Changes in membership level require 30 days notice.

Non-Financial Obligations

All members are expected to contribute to Buspatch through maintenance tasks and projects. Maintenance tasks help maintain the space, while projects help improve the space.
A member may opt out of one or more maintenance tasks by paying $10 per task with advance communication, $20 per missed task. This is meant to accommodate members with occasional burdensome outside obligations. Regular failure to complete requisite maintenance task will result in a member falling out of good standing and entering a probationary period.
Members are also expected to contribute 1 project hour per month to help improve Buspatch. This cannot be opted-out of in advance, and the penalty for a missed project hour is $100 (accomodations can be made for members in extenuating circumstances).


Personal storage is measured in:

  • Units of a 4ft cube, typically a standard size pallet packed 4ft high, and is kept outdoors. The fee for such storage is $25/mo per unit.
  • 17-gallon home depot bins on a dedicated bin rack. $5/mo per bin.
  • Overnight bicycle storage space on a member bike rack. First bike free for onsite members. Additional bikes $20/month.
Storage space is limited and may not be or remain available.

* Our membership agreement has recently changed based on decisions reached at our recent general meetings. View our previous memberhip agreement here, or our original agreement here