Member Resources

We've assembled some things for members of our community.

Some musts and must-nots for membership at Buspatch.

Information about each of the tasks that need doing to keep Buspatch operational.

The terms & pricing shared by members of Buspatch. NEW! Updated May 30, 2018.

Best practices for using our utility vehicles.

Buspatch is happy to pay for groceries so members can make communal meals, within reason. Here's what we'll cover!

We run on a solar power grid, which means adapting some of our electricity usage habits to reflect the strengths & limitations of our system.

We don't have running water, and we don't have a sewer connection. That means water is our most valuable resource. Being a Buspatch member means taking radical measures to conserve water. Here are some of our strategies.

Some tips on saving propane.

People have sex. When you share space with others, or are a member of any community, you need to all be on the same page about comfort with sex, consent, and nudity. Here's how we feel.

We try to maintain enough quiet hours that members can get a good night rest!

For new members, and for members who are not filfilling their obligations, this probationary period exists to help ensure members meet our community's obligations.

Tool Inventory (coming soon!)
The stuff you can borrow to work on your vehicular conversion project.

Vendor List (coming soon!)
Need to contact one of our vendors? Find their info here.

Lot Map (coming soon!)
Looking for something? Looking to put something away? Here's a map of where to find where it lives.

Emergency Contacts (coming soon!)
Who to call when shit hits the fan.

Apps Buspatch Uses
  • Venmo (or choose from the list at for electronic payments
  • Splitwise to keep track of member expenses, rent, reimbursement
  • Slack for realtime or dynamic communication between members
  • Email for long form decision making