Join Us

So, you want to join our new community of vehicle dwellers. Sweet! We have opportunities available.

We are super keen on developing a community of members with skills and passion for improving the conditions here as part of our pilot project. If you have a knack for implementing low-cost systems for off-grid living, we're excited about having you here.

Our baseline prices are determined by the size of your dedicated plot of land. You can use this land to park, live in, and work on the dwelling portion of your vehicle, and you will also get access to our shared amenitiesPlots are available on a monthly basis, or nightly for part-time members. The prices increase based on the number of amenities we've developed, so contact us for a tour and to hear the latest pricing. 
The following add-ons are available for additional costs:
  • Dedicated in-and-out access for your vehicle (so you can easily drive off the lot anytime)
  • PITA in-and-out-access (you can get in and out, but you'll have to drive a few other vehicles out of the way first, and then put them back where you found them)
  • Live in one of our pre-converted vehicles!
Prices are negotiable in cases where you want to pay several months upfront, or if you bring significant resources to the table.

Full time residents are expected to perform a minimum of 5 maintenance tasks per week to remain in good standing as a Buspatch member. We also have a set of rules we expect our members to adhere to.

All of this is laid our in our membership agreement.

Special Opportunities

Shared Bunk Room

For the light-packing discount traveller, we offer our bunk room. This room sleeps up to four, with a little cubby space for your personal belongings.

Cabin Boat Cleaner/Upholsterer

We are seeking someone to clean & upholster our parked-on-land cabin boat to get it ready to become one of Buspatch's available dwellings. We are seeking someone to complete this over the course of a month, in exchange for staying at Buspatch for a month. You will be put in a temporary vehicle for the first few nights until the boat is clean enough to live in, and the rest of the month you'll live in the boat.

Request a tour

Come see what Buspatch is all about! Contact us today to request a tour. We'd love to meet you!