About Us

We are an intentional community of vehicle dwellers building an off-grid housing alternative, based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

How We Got Started

After living in vehicles for several years, travelling around the United States and between locations in the Bay Area, Sparr Risher developed the idea to create a community for vehicle dwellers. Several busses and utility vehicles were collected at auctions and a lot was rented to help fulfil his vision.

Our mission is:

  • to develop models of community resource-sharing that improve the quality of life for vehicle-dwellers;
  • to provide alternative, affordable vehicular housing & amenities for members of our community; and
  • to provide tools, resources and space for members to convert their own vehicles into dwellings.
Our current mandate, in this early phase of Buspatch, is to prove that this idea can work.

If we're successful (based on a metric of success we haven't established yet), maybe we'll do it again!

Boring Details

We are registered as a nonprofit California Mutual Benefit Corporation and we operate Buspatch as corporate housing, on a residentially-zoned parking lot in Oakland's Clawson/ McClymonds/Dogtown neighborhoods. 

Our Vehicles & Amenities

Kitchen-Utility Bus
Former DART bus converted into a tool shed (front half), and kitchen (back half),

Bedroom Bus
Former DART bus converted into two bedroom units, one a single room (front half), one a shared temporary bunk room for up to 4 people (back half).

The "Art" Bus
A 63-foot articulated retired MUNI bus, currently being used as a communal arts space, with plans for a partial conversion into sleeping spaces.

Former USPS-can with a one-day rapid conversion into a bedroom, currently housing two members.

Box truck with a functioning lift gate, originally purchased for utility purposes and converted into a temporary living space for the Oregon Eclipse Festival & Burning Man 2017.

Retired police prison van bought at auction used for utility runs around Buspatch.

Cabin Boat
Parked at Buspatch on a trailer. Sleeps up to 6 in a pinch, 1-2 comfortably. Needs re-upholstering. Inquire about living here for free if you can help get the cabin boat ready for new residents!

Bathroom Trailer
A functioning shower & sink with running hot water we built ourself. The water comes from a IBC we fill, the pump runs off our power system, and the heater is fueled by propane. The greywater drains to a tank, which is serviced weekly.

Until we make some mods to the bathroom trailer to get our toilet operational we are using a portapotty. It is serviced twice per week, when it is stocked with toilet seat liners, toilet paper, soap, water for handwashing, and menstrual hygiene products for guests and emergencies.

Dish Washing Station
A dedicated dish-washing area with its own water & greywater

Solar Power System
We have a series of solar panels that feed batteries that we run through the evening. At night we switch to our backup generator, which is powered by gasoline we bring in. We are sourcing more batteries to reduce generator time.
This system is temporarily offline due to our move.

Sparr Bus (retired)
Former Red Rose Transit Authority (Pennsylvania) bus turned into a single apartment, with a king sized bed, futon couch-bed, worktable that seats four, and storage.
Recently retired and sold.

Wi-fi (and backup wi-fi, and backup-backup-wifi)
Internet connectivity is important to us. We are currently seeking high-speed service, with our backup being a dedicated T-mobile hotspot.