About Us

We are an intentional community of vehicle dwellers building an off-grid housing alternative, based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Our mission is:

  • to develop models of community resource-sharing that improve the quality of life for vehicle-dwellers;
  • to provide alternative, affordable vehicular housing & amenities for members of our community; and
  • to provide tools, resources and space for members to convert their own vehicles into dwellings.
Our current mandate, in this early phase of Buspatch, is to prove that this idea can work.

If we're successful (based on a metric of success we haven't established yet), maybe we'll do it again!

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The Last Tour of Buspatch San Francisco

The day before we packed our entire lot into vehicles and drove to Oakland, we captured one final tour of Buspatch San Francisco. Join us behind-the-scenes and learn how we built this community from scratch.

New West Oakland Location

We have found a new temporary location for Buspatch in West Oakland! Our first and former location was in San Fracnisco's Dogpatch neighbourhood.

We are still seeking a new and larger lot to grow Buspatch and welcome more vehicle dwellers.

Help us scout a new location in the Bay Area. We are seeking a property with the following qualities:
  • within a 45-minute commute of San Francisco's financial district
  • 5000 - 20,000 sq ft.
  • ~<$1/sq.ft./month, ~<$6000/month
  • residential uses permitted in city zoning area (even if there are no buildings with permitted residential uses on the lot). Here are some example zoning areas that work for us (this is not an exhaustive list):
    • San Francisco: UMU, NCT, C-3-G, N-C-3, RH-1
    • Oakland: HBX, CN-4
    • Alameda: C-C
    • Berkeley: MULI, W-C 
Nice to have bonus features:
  • paved, flat lot (vs. mud/grass/hills)
  • a fence surrounding the lot
  • electricity, water, storm drains, sewage, gas
  • a small building (any use or condition)
  • multiple vehicle entry points